Hello, my name is Neil!

I am a software developer currently living in the beautiful Bay Area of California interested in creating beautiful applications that help people live a more fruitful life.

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screenshot of the Bay Wheels 2020 System Data Analysis
Bay Wheels 2020 Data Analysis

COVID-19 has disrupted the life and operation of many people and businesses in general. See how this year broke down in terms of the Bay Wheels bike share system of the Bay Area.

screenshot of John Muir tribute page
Tribute page

John Muir was an essential part in the creation of the United States national park system. This is a page dedicated to him.

screenshot of the Lacuna Inc. landing page
Business landing page

Lacuna Inc. is a fictional company from the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Their product, memory erasure, interests me and this is a fan made page that goes into greater detail about the process and the background of the business.

It's kind of fun to do the impossible.

Walt Disney
screenshot of random quote machine
Random quote machine

One of the "Top 100 Movie Quotes of All Time" (source: the American Film Institute) is displayed in between movie poster lights. Find a quote you like? Click the "Tweet This" button to share with your followers!

screenshot of Reduxify

All Spotify users love that email that comes at the end of the year that lists our favorite songs and artists. Reduxify provides the same information immediately. Now we no longer have to wait until the new year!

screenshot of the Ford GoBike 2019 Data Analysis
Ford GoBike 2019 Data Analysis

Before being renamed Bay Wheels, the San Francisco bike share system was called Ford GoBike. Interesting observations about the system's useage were found by looking at the 2019 trip information. Specific factors of each trip which were provided include of the time/day, start/end locations, and sometimes the gener/age of a rider.

screenshot of Pomodoro Clock
Pomodoro Clock

Your day should not be all work and no play. With this time management tool, adjust the break and work session lengths, and start the clock! At the end of each session, a bell will ring to remind you to switch to the other.

Pulse Watch

With over 200 users per month, this is my most popular application that I have made so far! With Pulse Watch Fitbit users can easily choose to visualize their heart rate data and also download it into a .csv file.

screenshot of documentation page example
Documentation Page

ES6, or ECMAScript 2015, provides a lot of new features to the JavaScript programming language. This example of a documentation page explains all of the new hotness that came with ES6. Each topic includes a descriptions of the feature and helpful examples.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney
screenshot of Markdown Previewer
Markdown Previewer

Have you ever been writing a README file for a project on Github and find yourself flipping between the file editor and the previewer? Well, with Markdown Previewer you can view both at the same time!

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